En prenant la moyenne européenne comme base, quelle a été l’évolution économique récente des pays européens?

Mesure de l'évolution du PIB par habitant en utilisant des chiffres de 2012 et de 2018 pour en saisir les variations. Ces données reposent sur une moyenne fixée à 100 pour les deux années (Source: Eurostat).

Évolution du PIB par habitant entre 2012 et 2018 (changement positif en bleu, négatif en rouge).
As was intended by Brussels & Member States, Eastern Europe has caught up with Western or Northern Europe, though economic indicators continue to display significant salary and production gaps between West and East. Of note, Ireland, Spain and Portugal were also closer to the EU average in 2018 than they were in 2012. This does not mean that Northern and Western Europe have declined: their economies have also progressed in that period, but they have progressed at a lesser rhythm than countries who appear in blue.